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Queen Elizabeth national park & Wildlife Safari

Queen Elizabeth national park was opened by Queen Elizabeth of England in 1954, and this park is located in the Southwestern part of Uganda shared by districts of Kasese, Bushenyi and Rukungiri. The headquarters of Queen Elizabeth National Park in Mweya can be reached through Fort portal to Kasese about 440 kilometers or Mbarara just about 425 kilometers and both way can be traveled between 6-7 hours. For those who want to travel by air a private charter flight can be arranged for you to Kasese air strip where a transfer to the park can be made. This park is considered the second national park covering about 1978sqkm and the most popular visited national park in Uganda. It’s recorded that the park is a home to over 95 mammal species the highest for any Ugandan national park. The park host the big five species such as elephants, leopard, buffaloes, hippos, the famous tree climbing lions others include the Uganda kob, the rare giant Hog and a number of antelope species, as well as chimpanzees, baboons, Black and white Colobus Monkeys among other primates. Over 612 bird species have been also recorded in the Park making it truly a unique park as it has one of the highest numbers in the world these include Lappet-faced Vultures, black bee-eater, palm-nut, African skimmer, pick-backed pelicans, the rare shoebill stork to mention but a few.

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